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Welcome to the Guards Site
The Avant-Guards and Blackguards are the same Super Group family that operates on Liberty Server in the games City of Heroes™ and City of Villains™. Our Manifesto reflects our long standing traditions of respect and involvement. Formed in August 2004, our group has members who enjoy nearly every discipline within the game including, PVE, PVP, Roleplay and Badging. Please enjoy our site.

AGB News

End of an Era

ICE Daddy, Dec 1, 12 4:57 PM.
At 12:01 PST, the City of Heroes servers were shut down for the final time.

This is a poignant moment in the history of the Avant-Guards to be sure. A great many people have been a part of this wonderful experience that transcended a simple gaming group of online friends and became a family. It is essentially more than

this writer's words can adequately capture and convey. Though duty demands that I try

On August 13th, 2004, a woman by the name of Tina, playing a beloved, sword swinging heroine named The Velvet Goodnight caught lightning in a bottle. She started something that would last beyond her tenure as the leader of The Avant-

Guards. She started a community that would last the rest of the 8 year run of the City of Heroes MMO. A whole host of people, some estimates as high as 500 and more have worn the mantle of Avant-Guard, worn the black and white, and held

that eagle, not just emblazoned across their chests, but in the hearts that beat within.

It is by far impossible to name all the names of the heroes who have called this group home. Many would only be with the group for a short time. Even then, these people almost always knew that they had wandered into something special, even if

they wandered out again. So many came and never left, even if they wandered away from the game entirely, they did so as Avant-Guards. When they would return again to the game, they would be greeted by familiar names calling theirs and

taking up the refrain of "Good to see you!" and "Welcome home."

During the night of November 30th, a host of old names were about, the diehards who never left the game really. Pulsaria who stood watch the last two years as the Point of the Avant-Guyards and Blackguards, Gammabyte, Pulsaria's love and

Castellan of the AGB, Triphammer and Caleden(Shea) who were with Tina from before she created the AGs, Caledan's wife Tiffan, Eun-Kyung & Willow Wylde his aunt and uncle who have been Guards for years now, Dark Love Angel was there on Morya her first AG, Lord U one of the most fiercely loyal and stalwart Guards of all, Wild Stryker the quiet force of ever presence of the AGB, Arbegla the brilliant character builder and PVP Leader of the AGB, Lady Lucindre the third of the the AG's original Arrows, Technogladiator who has been an AG in his own right for several years now, Rem Wave who's bouyant presence was never less than radioactive, and Sweet Vengeance who came to the AGB as a 13 year old girl and who has grown into a beautiful young woman before our eyes.

There were even messages passed from Rojo Caliente and Leese by way of ICE Daddy, as they could nto run the game. Other AGB members who sent their greetings and well wishes from afar included much of our Australian contingent including ThatNellyKid, Battle Bunni and SoulCapacitor. The silent few like EveofNight and Geistt were also on in the channel during the big ending.

The AGB formed a league of a couple of teams that hung together all throughout the evening. There was a TF race, and an all Avant-Guards Mother Ship Raid that was the smoothest and most lag free that any of us could remember. The members laughed and joked and fought hard by and for one another as they always have. It seemed though as though running around and fighting was not what was best at the end. For the last half hour, most of the Guards in attendance gathered in the Great Hall of the Guard Tower, to be together in that place of honor one last time. And recognizing the gravity of the occassion and to lighten the mood, ICE Daddy called for his Guards to dance ... on the round table. And there on that great round slab of wood was gathered a representative group of the Avant-Guards from across the whole of the 8 plus years of her existence. They said goodbyes to each other, did honor to the Avant-Guards and each other, and there they were ... a unit ... right up intil the very end.

Personally, it has been my pleasure and deep honor to have been associated with The Avant-Guards these long years. I have watched so many grow and change. Mentored many and been taught by just as many. And here at the end of City of Heroes, I thnk everyone for the privilege of being a part of this experience with you, from 2004 to 2012. I am pleased that the memory of the AGB will be something that sticks with so many people for a long long time to come.

And who knows ... there are other games out there. Perhaps this is not the complete end of an era. Perhaps this is just a changing of the guards as it were. Keep a watch on these forums as they will continue to be a touchstone for our online family for a while to come. Perhaps our members will use it to foster something new in another virtual place. That however is yet to be written.

For now, Avant-Guards, past and present and ... future ... I salute you all. Ultimately, there is little to be said for all this to all of our members other than congratulations. You have been a part of and helped make The Avant-Guards and the Blackguards one of the finest groups that anyone could holpe to be a part of. Thank you.

ICE Daddy

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